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About Ford Motors Company

Ford Motors, also known as Ford Motor Company, is the most well-known American auto manufacturer. Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company in 1903. It is based out of Michigan. Ford Motor Company’s 2017 net sales were more than 150 Billion Dollars. Ford Motor Company employs more than 200,000 people.

Ford Motor Company is a global company that takes employee and customer well-being very seriously. Ford Motor Company’s MyFordBenefits website is one of its tools to ensure that employees are well-being.


Ford Motor Company management created the MyFordBenefits online portal to improve the well-being and productivity of all its employees. Ford Motor Company employees have the ability to log in to the MyFordBenefits login portal to learn about the roles and responsibilities of Ford Motor Company.


You can also access additional information given below through the MyFordBenefits login portal:

  • Ford Employees’ Career Information: By using the MyFordBenefits login Ford employees can track their entire career from the time they joined Ford Motor Company to the present date or last date they were hired.
  • Ford Employees Life Insurance Policy Details: Ford Motor Company offers life insurance for employees to help them when they are in need or after they retire. You can also track details about life insurance coverage for Ford employees through the MyFordBenefits portal.
  • Details about Pay and Bonus: For Ford employees who want to view a complete analysis of their Ford Motor Company bonuses and salaries, the MyFordBenefits site is the best way to do so.
  • Training and Vacation Details: If you are interested in vacation or training, you can see the start and end dates and any other information.
  • Ford Vehicle Discounts: Different categories of Ford employees receive different discounts and other benefits when buying a Ford vehicle. Ford employees can access MyFordBenefits to receive discounts and other benefits when purchasing a Ford car.

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